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Albert Einstein, The Century's Choice!

by Dorothy Oja

Time magazine recently named Albert Einstein as "Person of the Century." Chosen from hundreds of worthy candidates, women and men who contributed astounding gifts to society and culture, Einstein rose as a giant. Einstein was unquestionably a genius yet there are times he was self-effacing, funny and even disheveled. At other times he was alternately absent-minded, droll, witty, outraged and charmingly wise. He was a unique mix of genius, mystic and meticulous mathematician.

But what specific factors or what essential something is responsible for the exalted place Einstein holds in history? Endurance springs to mind. What Einstein accomplished shattered the existing scientific structure and became the foundation of a new scientific paradigm. No small feat. Albert Einstein envisioned a concept beyond what was previously known. He was capable of translating this vision into reality and he focused his genius on the physical world and its laws.

Inspired Dreaming

Legend has it that Einstein's theory of Relativity was prompted by a dream. Albert Einstein was born with the Sun in Pisces, the most romantic, imaginative and dreamy sign of the zodiac. Scientists even today are still puzzled at how Einstein managed to arrive at the notion of Relativity. From an astrological perspective, we can say it was part inspiration, the muses of sleep and dreams, the ability to shift and dissolve boundaries, to tap into the infinite and the collective unifying knowledge that are the special province of Pisces.


Still, dreaming is never enough. The grounding and discipline needed to deal effectively with the tangible world (materiality) is reflected astrologically, in part, in the earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Einstein had planetary placements in all three of these signs, including Mars in Capricorn. Earth signs represent physical reality and are often interested in science and the workings of the material universe. Mars in the chart is the thrust of one's action or the manner in which one leads or initiates. It also represents one's energy. Einstein's Mars in Capricorn understands discipline and loves constancy or habit. It concerns itself with basic principles and necessities and it translates the Pisces dream into a durable form. Neptune, ruler of Einstein's Pisces Sun, is placed in solid and earthy Taurus, adding structure to the typically elusive and watery energy of Pisces.

Singular Mark of Genius

If we could be so bold as to put it simply, if we could point to one part of Albert Einstein's chart and say this part right here is largely responsible for the genius he was – what would it be? In analyzing his chart, I'd have to say it's the planet Uranus in Virgo, separated and standing apart from the rest of the nine planets in Einstein's chart. A planet set apart in this way, called a singleton, typically exerts a greater influence in a person's life.

The planet Uranus is noted, among other things, for science, technological aptitude, inventiveness, brilliance, the unexpected and eccentric, sudden insight, rebelliousness and defiance of convention. In short, it is Uranus that allows for concepts that are most always ahead of their time or breakthroughs in society and culture. Uranus also represents the universe, the brain, computers and light. “Lightening flashes of insight” is a phrase often applied to Uranus. In the earth sign Virgo, Uranus adds precision, sharpened skill and, in part, Einstein's mathematical capability.

Chock full of Shock

Einstein's chart also holds Jupiter in Aquarius, further emphasizing his Uranus theme. Uranus rules the sign Aquarius and Jupiter enlarges, expands and develops. So, Jupiter in Aquarius enhances the genius, the quick flashes of intuition and the inventiveness already evident through the unique position Uranus occupies in relation to Einstein's other planets. This man's work set shock waves in motion and awakened the slumbering scientific world. Uranus is called the awakener and Albert Einstein revolutionized existing science, advancing the field in breathtaking, unprecedented ways.

Genius is always a blend of variables and the remarkable Einstein describes a complex, eccentric, brilliant man. Someone named Man of the Century must have the width and stature to span at least a hundred years. Certainly his profound scientific contribution and his words continue to echo through time. He gave tribute both to the divine and to astrology when he stated, “God does not play dice with the universe.”

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